1. Where are my Documents and Data Stored?

SmartDocs platform runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

2. Do we need to install any server or software?

No servers are needed. There is a small ABAP Add-on that need to be installed and configured on the SAP ERP system.

3. Do we need any special software to view documents?

No, SmartDocs platform uses the native application linked to the appropriate file types to allow users to view and edit.

4. Do we need to open any firewall ports?

No, there is a small ABAP agent that runs on the SAP side to sync data with  SmartDocs R5. No firewall port openings are needed. IP whitelisting can control the access to work from within your corporate intranet.

5. How does it work with Microsoft Office 365?

SmartDocs R5 BPM has special functionality for Office 365 customers to allow workflow user to approve workflow right without Outlook with opening a new browser.